Tradian Corporation | Why Tradian
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Why Tradian

You may currently hold or may be considering a credit insurance policy.  Perhaps you will use the policy as a financing, risk mitigation, or credit management tool.  You may be using the policy as a cheaper and more marketable solution than letters of credit, or you may be growing or entering new markets, and therefore taking on additional risk.

Whatever the reason for your interest in credit insurance, you should know that an expert, independent, credit insurance broker is the best way for you to get the most out of your policy.

Trade credit insurance is not like other insurance products.  This is not an insurance policy that is bought at the beginning of the year to cover the value of a fixed asset and simply kept in the desk drawer until policy renewal.  The credit insurance policy covers your living, breathing, accounts receivables.   Because the concept is so unique, there is no substitute for specialization and focus.  Industries evolve, markets change, and geographic regions are affected by the macroeconomic climate.  Your clients, and therefore your receivables, face a dynamic environment

Tradian Corporation is focused on all of these factors as they relate to your credit insurance provider, and the commission paid to Tradian is taken from the insurance premium at no additional cost to the insured.  We are in a unique position to understand the decision making process – whether the decision relates to claims, coverage, or conditions.  After understanding your specific needs, we become your advocate in front of the entire credit insurance market. The end result is an optimal credit insurance program designed to help you achieve your business goals.